Two Birds, One Beautiful Stone

Maybe you’re like me in this respect: when I see problems, I want to find solutions.


I don’t just want to find solutions, I want to live them out. I feel more alive that way, more connected. Lots of problems are both personal and public, both micro and macro. Ditto their solutions.

Here we have a national epidemic of obesity and a global climate problem of overusing fossil fuels. It doesn’t take a think-tank of Nobel prize winners to generate this little light-bulb: Ah . . . we need to use our bodies more and fossil fuels less. Two birds with one stone.

Some examples (please write me with your additions):

  • using stairs instead of elevators
  • raking, mowing & trimming our yards with human power instead of engine power
  • washing dishes and lightweight clothes by hand instead of machine
  • bicycling for short trips instead of driving
  • dancing for recreation instead of watching TV
  • planting seasonal foliage in our front yards instead of doing light displays
  • walking around to visit neighbors instead of a sedentary evening “chatting” on email

You and I can model these behaviors to others, or we can ask others to join us in developing these habits in the first place. The point is that the status quo is not working, folks. It’s not working for either individuals or our shared home, the planet.

Problems: Overweight Americans and a climate overheating with fossil fuel use. Solution: Use our bodies twice as much as we’re doing. It even makes us feel sexier, which is more than you can say for many solutions to problems.

Two birds, one beautiful stone.


1 Response to “Two Birds, One Beautiful Stone”

  1. 1 jena November 2, 2007 at 8:49 pm

    Hello, Ms. Alison

    This entry is very succinct and a good “aha” moment. The only thing I could suggest: more specific with lawn care example (i.e. what you would use instead of…)

    and a bit of info for the bicycling entry ( i.e. most people drive five miles or less for their errands. Those stop/start drives are the least efficient use of cars. There’s also somethign about the five miles being the most acceptable range for people ot consider pedalling. You’d probably have to find out the correct info.)

    By the way, you rock, lady!


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