Breeding Solutions, Not Enemies

Like many who are passionate about sustainability (or passionate about anything) I have sometimes been guilty of “us versus them” thinking. This is the mindset that eventually makes enemies of those whose views and practices differ from mine.

For instance, people who don’t recycle and compost, still use energy-guzzling incandescent light bulbs, and drive vehicles with more than four cylinders. Especially when they could have taken the bus. In other words, most of the U.S. population at least some of the time.

How misguided is it for me to pose my fellow citizens as enemies, even silently in my own mind? I’m sure many of ‘them’ excel in areas where I’m deficient. Moreover, I haven’t always lived up to my own ideals. And I’m not about to make an enemy of myself.

A basic spiritual tenet is that separateness is an illusion, that in the deep structure of life, all beings are both unified and interdependent. That sounds beautiful, but is a hard one to live out day by day.

What I can do with it is to catch myself when I go into ‘us against them’ thinking, and remember this world needs solutions, not enemies. And I’m asking you as a reader of my blog to help hold me accountable. If you see me backsliding, call me on it.

I want my blog to evolve into a vibrant and dynamic yet peaceful body of thought on solutions for sustainability.


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