The Maven of Green Careers

I just received a nice comment from Klara on “Why Bother? Three Great Reasons“. She is moving here to Portland soon and like many Portlanders, new and old, she is passionate about sustainability.

I imagine that also like many, she wants to find green-collar work, i.e. a job in sustainability. I’m going to refer her to a certain career counselor, Vicki Lind, the town’s unofficial maven of jobs in sustainability.

I used Vicki’s services frequently in the several years it took me to transition my career to the cool place it is now, promoting transportation options. Besides doing one on one counseling and job-seeking clubs, she does a one-day workshop for people seeking jobs in sustainability, through The Oregon Natural Step Network. She’s asked me to speak on the panel of people who successfully transitioned their career.


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  1. 1 frankwork April 26, 2008 at 3:35 am

    Portland and the Pacific Northwest have so many wonderful things going on in the area of sustainability. I’ve been talking the area up to my wife, hoping we move there sometime down the road. More to the point of the post, keep your eye out for the Wet Feet guide to green careers — I believe it comes out in about two weeks. Written by a career expert and green-industry pro (myself!), it includes profiles of people working in the green career arena (including a Portlander who has a fair-trade online jewelry store, Lucina — — as well as detailed information about the many opportunities in the nonprofit, business, and government sectors.

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