Our New Honda Hybrid

2008 Honda Civic hybrid We researched ad nauseum what fuel-efficient, low-emissions car we should buy. We finally chose the Honda Civic hybrid for its great ratings all around, plus its state AND federal tax credits. We waited and waited for it to arrive at the dealership. Last night we finally brought it home.

Not a car person by nature, I’m learning new things:

  • pzev (our Honda is one) means ‘partial zero emissions vehicle’
  • the Honda hybrid still gets the $1,050 federal tax credit while the Prius does not
  • but both Prius and Honda hybrid get the $1,500 Oregon tax credit
  • new hybrids get better mileage as you keep driving them
  • (that is no excuse to drive any more than truly necessary)
  • ‘magnetic pearl’ is near-black on paper and silver-gray on a real-life car
  • car dealerships these days feature nice, high bistro tables and free coffee
  • I advise bringing your own coffee instead

Ideally, the single car my husband and I own sits at home daily and acts as a watchdog that keeps burglars away while we take TriMet to work. But now I carpool to Salem most days. Tomorrow will be our new hybrid’s maiden voyage to Oregon’s capital. With four of us in the car, we can get about 160 miles per gallon when calculated on a per person basis. Can you beat that for fuel efficiency?

Wait a minute, yes you can. Walking and bicycling get infinite miles per gallon. And since our friend is coming for dinner tonight I have to fetch a few groceries. Definitely a bike errand. Our sleek hybrid will sit at home in the driveway in all its ‘magnetic pearl’ splendor.


3 Responses to “Our New Honda Hybrid”

  1. 1 Lincoln May 21, 2008 at 12:06 am

    And all that technology in the dash! MMMM.

    I drive these for work and they’re gadget city.

  2. 2 Tim September 12, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    Please tell me you are not for real. I suggest that you go out and find a life. That car is hideous and should be consigned to the scrap heap. It might be fuel efficient but it will bore people to death instead. You are right in the fact that it is a burglar deterent as no one in their right mind would steal it. Im now going to get into my 3.2 V6 R32 and burn a few trees whilst making another unecessary journey.

    Please get a life and buy a proper car.

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