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Green Girls Take On CRAG

I think many perceive green wonky people to be grim, austere Puritan types. But my experience is quite different from that. Here’s what my dining room sounded like (loosely translated) last night when my Green Girls social circle came over for dinner. I was proposing a CRAG to them as I had planned.

Micki: “So what’s this CRAG thing? A guy I can date?”

Me: “No, honey, it’s a Carbon Rationing Action Group. We would support each other on using less energy and driving alone less.”

Colleen: “I want to do it.”

Micki: “Easy for you to say; you’re already married. I need to meet Craigs and Toms and . . . ”

Vicki: “But I love hot water, I’m addicted to baths. I would need a whole new twelve-step group. How would that fit into my schedule?”

Noelle: “We do all these things to reduce our footprint at my house but we never measure it. And I want to measure it. So I’m in.”

Me: “Great! So Colleen and Noelle and I are in.”

Vicki: “I’m afraid if I joined I would get a bad grade, like a C minus.”

Me: “No, sweetie, it’s not judgmental. You’re having that PTSD thing from grade school again.”

Vicki: “But still! Why don’t you just copy me on the CRAG emails.”

Laurie: “Hey, weren’t you going to invite Jane from your carpool into Green Girls?”

Me: “Well! She said last week that she was in the carpool ONLY for the money it saved her. So I didn’t invite her.”

Colleen: “Only for the money, omigod!”

Me: “But I can still be friends with her.”

Vicki: “Wow, you’re so tolerant.”

Me: “Hey, I was ready to support you on that new twelve-step group for hot water addiction. So don’t put me down.”


What Is The Diamond-Cut Life?

My blog The Diamond-Cut Life is about chiseling our consumption down to the core of happiness. What do we really need to consume and do in order to have both happiness and integrity in the face of global warming?

In other words, how can each of us give legs to sustainability?

I think that joy for most human beings comes from honest work, friendship, connection to nature, sharing resources and even (perish the thought) using our bodies instead of machines whenever possible. Given that global warming is the problem of our time, my focus is on living in solutions rather than complaining about the problem. Please comment on my posts so that we are all putting our heads together.

My backgrouond? My opinion pieces have been published in the International Herald Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Sacramento Bee and San Francisco Chronicle. I’ve done projects for the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center, and I won the Program of the Year award for a car-trip-reduction program I led and expanded in 2007.

I have a B.S. in Sociology from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and an M.S. in Counseling Psychology from California State University, Fullerton. My wonderful husband Thor Hinckley heads the nation’s leading renewable energy program at Portland General Electric.

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