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Focus The Nation: Largest Teach-In In U.S. History

This Thursday evening my husband and I will participate in Focus The Nation, a nonpartisan teach-in and movement to address global warming that has been embraced by Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarznegger and more than 1,600 campuses nationwide.

This makes it the largest teach-in in our nation’s history, which I’d say is a right-sized strategy to deal with the largest problem we’ve ever faced.

Our friends Eban Goodstein, an economics professor, and his wife Chungin have worked (volunteered) their tails off for eighteen months to organize this national teach-in and dialogue with elected politicians about global warming solutions for the U.S.

Do you want effective action on climate change instead of just more and more descriptions of the problem? I suggest you get involved in Focus The Nation, too. If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area then get your free ticket to the January 31st evening event at University of Portland’s Chiles Center. Other locations, click here to see what’s happening near you.


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