Love In The Time Of Global Warming

“Love In The Time Of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is about a fifty-year love triangle. Love in the time of global warming is, for me, my own love triangle. The three players are the world, global warming and myself.

Perito Moreno Glacier calving, Patagonia.
Photo by Hanmi Meyer
Perito Moreno Glacier calving, Patagonia, photo by Hanmi Meyer

When I am even halfway happy I experience the world as my lover. I cherish it, I notice a hundred endearing things about it, I want to nurture it and help it flourish. Global warming threatens the world with pain, suffering, the destruction of species and millions of people. I feel about global warming the way I’d feel about a person trying to maim and mutilate my in-person lover. I want to do whatever is within my power to prevent my beloved’s pain and suffering.

I see what’s within my power as being both big-picture things like political and policy work (macro) and hands-on-in-my-own- household things (micro). The CRAG (Carbon Reduction Action Group) I’m starting (with Ewan O’Leary, Colleen Kaleda and their spouses) is largely the hands-on type. But I think it can spread and become a big-picture thing, also.

Our culture construes love as primarily a romantic one-to-one thing, but I find that an impoverished notion of love. I say that even as I am happily married. A narrow, couple-only focus can suck two people dry, in my experience, while a shared mission in the world can bring a couple into community with others. I actually met and fell in love with my husband Thor Hinckley in the context of fighting global warming. He was leading a workshop on renewable energy that I attended. Our relationship is the best one I’ve had (and I’ve had several).

Love feels like joy to us, like haven and happiness, and global warming way different from love, like doom, danger, a dark future. But love and global warming are wrapped tightly around each other in my heart. My love for the world means I cannot passively tolerate a business-as-usual life as global warming menaces it. Here I am, in an ongoing love triangle, but a healthy, vital one: love in the time of global warming.


3 Responses to “Love In The Time Of Global Warming”

  1. 1 mick April 9, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    Why cant you people just donate to the Salvation Army or something? There are actual hungry sick people in the world who need help. There are third world countries in the most dire poverty who need development.

    Yet you just had to invent the next Ozone Hole/ Malthusian / Naked Millenarian scam…

  2. 2 alison13 April 9, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    Hi Mick,
    My household does donate significantly every month to Mercy Corps, Women to Women International, etc. to help hungry, sick people in the world. My concern with global warming is that it will (already is) escalating that suffering exponentially; global warming hurts the poor much more than the affluent. We have to address it aggressively if we care about the poor.

  1. 1 Peak-Hour Tolls And Global Warming « Diamond-Cut Life Trackback on April 13, 2008 at 6:59 pm
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